• Outdoor Play
  • Hapa Zome Printing

    This month, we’ve been really enjoying getting back to nature by participating in 30 Days Wild. One of the activities we’ve enjoyed is to make a Hapa Zome print. Hapa Zome is the Japanese art of print making by hammering plants in to fabric. I first came across it when a class of mine did […]

  • Baby Play
  • Baby Play: Circles Treasure Basket

    I’ve written before about the concept of Treasure Baskets and how they provide valuable sensory and learning experiences for very young children. The idea is that babies aged 6-18 months can enjoy playing with a ‘treasure basket’ of ordinary household items which can provide more stimulation and sensory input than traditional toys.

  • Outdoor Play
  • 41 ideas for #30DaysWild

    June has arrived and this marks the start of #30DaysWild. If you haven’t heard of this before, #30DaysWild is an annual campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts, which encourages young and old to get outside each day in June and find some small way to reconnect with nature. It’s a campaign which has been on […]

  • Play
  • Garden Sensory Play

    It is so lovely that Spring is finally here! I love the beautiful sunshine we’ve been having and have been admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms coming out down our road. We’ve been doing a few jobs in the garden to get it ready for summer and it’s lovely to be spending more time outside again. […]