One a penny, two a penny…

…Hot Cross Buns! Well I said I’d throw in the occasional food related post and it didn’t take long! Last Easter my lovely friend Rach and I decided to have a go at making Hot Cross Buns – and yesterday evening we actually got around to it! This is the first time either of us have made them, so I perused several recipes and eventually settled on Mary Berry’s.  It seemed fairly simple which was what I needed! They take quite a long time to make since they have to prove twice to allow them to rise. It took Rach and I about four hours in total. But at least the proving time game us a chance to clear up as we went!

I didn’t take any pictures in the early stages as my hands were covered in dough! But here are a few from a little later on.

Here are the buns having the second prove. Around 40 minutes before going in the oven.
Here are the buns having the second prove. Around 40 minutes before going in the oven.
Nearly ready!
Nearly ready!
Delicious with butter and a satisfyingly shiny sugar glaze!
Delicious with butter and a satisfyingly shiny sugar glaze!

These weren’t as complicated to make as I had expected! But things we learned for next time:

1. Use a piping bag! I used a plastic bag to make the crosses, as my piping equipment has a very wide tip. You’re supposed to snip the corner off a plastic food bag but mine was one where the bottom is all kind of folded in, so I took a triangle out of the side! It worked ok but didn’t make for very regular crosses. Paul and Mary would definitely criticise presentation! Still delicious though!

2. Kneading is key! The recipe says until you have a silky dough. It’s hard to make it silky because of all the fruit. I probably kneaded the dough for about fifteen minutes.

3. If you want them to stick together a little, like the ones you buy in the supermarket, you can actually put them quite close together. I only put six on each tray but I could have fit eight on without a problem.

4. I thought this recipe would be too involved to attempt with T, but actually she would enjoy the initial mixing before the first prove, so it would be a fun thing to begin together. I would probably shape, prove and bake them during her nap! Maybe we will do it next week!

If you enjoy baking and haven’t made Hot Cross Buns before, I would definitely give them a go!

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  1. mmm I’d be very tempted to make hot cross buns! I love eating them at this time of year!

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      For some reason I imagined that they’d be really hard to make but they really weren’t. Do it! 🙂

  2. I love making Hot Cross Buns as with any bread they can be a little time consuming but the wonderful smell as they bake and how they taste whilst still warm is worth the effort. Yours look amazing!

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  3. I have never tried to make hot cross buns! The Little Bs would be so very happy if I tried this out. Thanks for sharing! #MakingHome

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