Easter with a toddler

I love the season of spring – flowers sprouting and blooming, longer and warmer days, and of course Easter! We’re looking forward to egg-hunting with friends tomorrow, some time off work, and spending a few days with family. We’re Christians, so Easter holds a deeper meaning for us, although often it seems to come second place to Christmas and it’s so easy to let it slip by. For Christmas we start building up right at the start of the month, and with it comes all the traditional food, the carols, the gift-buying, the nativity plays… I guess it’s because Christmas such a nice story – a new baby, angels, gifts – magical! T was so excited about Christmas, she remembered it from last year (did not expect that!) and she really took the Nativity story on board, and talked a lot about Baby Jesus, “Joveph” and Mary. But the story of Easter is so much harder to relate to, especially for a toddler – torture, death and resurrection? What a minefield! I was keen to make sure that Easter didn’t just come and go. I’ve been thinking a bit about how we celebrate Easter and how we can begin to explain it’s significance to T. We didn’t want her to have a lot of chocolate on Easter Day, so in addition to a small chocolate bunny, we’ve bought her a little lamb egg cup and a copy of this book, which a friend of ours came across and shared with us. I love the illustrations in the book and how it tells not only the story of Easter, but puts it in the context of the whole story of the Bible, telling the story of Creation, Christmas, and Easter. I am looking forward to sharing this story with T on Easter day and hope that it will help to develop her understanding of this story. The website has a video of the illustrator reading the story, which I love, as you know exactly what you are getting! It’s so disappointing when you order a book online and it’s not as good as you had hoped. I’ve embedded the video below (I hope – it’s my first time!) so you can watch it too.

We’ve also done a few Easter activities this week as we prepare for the Easter weekend (separate post to follow). Mostly these activities don’t especially relate to the Easter story, but I’m hoping it will just help T to know this is an important time of celebration, and to have some memory of it next year! Hope you have a really happy Easter, however you celebrate it!


Disclaimer: this post does use an affiliate link, but this was added after we had bought the book ourselves!

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