Frugal Feasts: Family Food on a budget (weeks 2 and 3)

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post about how we were trying to cut back on the amount we spend on our food budget.  We are trying to spend no more than £40 a week on food, and we are doing this by planning our meals more carefully, and cutting back on our in-between visits to the local shop. The ideal is that in between our weekly shops, we only buy bread and milk if we need it.

I meant to write a post on this last week but it just didn’t happen! Last week we didn’t do as well as I had hoped. This was probably mainly to do with the fact that I left our food shop until the last minute, and did it last thing at night! I was so tired, I didn’t have the capacity to be as careful as the week before, and also I forgot to order a couple of things on my list. How annoying! The weekly food shop came to £44.21, and then we spent a little more getting in the things we had forgotten. So not perfect…but still better than before we began!

This week I’ve tried a bit harder to plan and we are using up some of the leftover portions of food we have in the freezer. In recent months, we’ve been good at freezing any portions of food we have leftover. Sometimes we cook in bulk, or sometimes we just have one or two portions leftover. We keep a stock of foil containers in the cupboard so that we’re not using up tupperware containers, and they can go straight in the oven too, since we don’t have a microwave. These leftovers are great on the days when one of us is out, or if we don’t have the energy to cook! But at the moment they are kind of taking over our freezer, so time to start using some of them up, and saving some money while we’re at it!

So this week, we are having:


*Homemade fishcakes

Chicken pasta

*Spaghetti bolognese

*Chili with baked potatoes

Spaghetti with pancetta and broccoli

Chicken thighs in a creamy mushroom sauce

*already in the freezer

This meant that all I needed to buy for this week was some chicken, fruit and vegetables, bread, milk, yoghurt and one or two other bits to supplement the meals.

And the grand total was… da da da daaaaa…. £21.83!

It seems freezing all those portions (rather than just finishing them up, or using them as lunches) is paying off! Hopefully in time, I’ll get into a bit more of a rhythm with the planning and ordering food shopping. What are your top money-saving tips?

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  1. elaine valentine says: Reply

    Might be worth checking out soya mince. It cooks up really well in things like spag bol and I think is cheaper than mince meat though it’s a while since I’ve priced it out.

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