Happy Birthday Dad!


Yesterday we celebrated the 80th birthday of my wonderful Dad. A commander in the Royal Navy, a second career as a minister, father to six children and now grandfather to six grandchildren!

Dad is not without his quirks. These are some of the things I adore about him!

1. He has managed to go 80 years and I don’t think he has ever cooked himself a meal. The only things he can cook are baked apples and POSSIBLY boiled eggs. If left to his own devices he will mainly live off cheese and biscuits.

2. I wouldn’t call Dad an eco-warrior, as its sounds too hippy for him, but he is very keen on recycling. I’ve never seen recycling so well sorted as Dad’s. He also picks up rubbish when he sees it in the street. An excellent example, although mortifying when it’s en route to school.

3. Dad just does not get on with technology. Except the radio – he likes the Archers. When we first acquired a microwave, Dad famously exclaimed, “It’s going around!” He can use a computer but can be regularly observed calling, “Darling…can you spare a moment?”

Dad has many great qualities too.

1. He is one of the most loving people I’ve ever met.

2. He is always incredibly encouraging. I remember coming back from a (failed) driving test – Dad was there with a rueful smile, a hug and a comforting “next time”. That’s another great thing about Dad actually…

3. …he gives great hugs!

4. Dad is also brilliant at giving advice. He is extremely fair minded, so I can trust his advice won’t be biased, and he is also quite frank without being tactless.

5. Dad also has a brilliant sense of humour! He loves to tease and this is definitely a trait which he has passed on to all his children! He always makes me laugh.

Thanks Dad for being so brilliant! Happy Birthday!

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  1. elaine valentine says: Reply

    A wonderful tribute to your Dad.

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      Thanks Elaine!

  2. Aw. Lovely. This really made me smile. I popped by from #tribal.

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it

  3. Happy birthday to your dad! I hope you had a wonderful day, he sounds like a fantastic guy! 🙂 xxx #TribalLove

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      Thanks – he is! We had a fantastic celebration together 🙂

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