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Life has been a bit out of routine recently. Mostly good stuff but it’s just thrown me off a bit! Last week my husband was on holiday. We stayed at home but spent the week doing some fun stuff in the city. At the weekend we went away with my family to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday. This week we’re getting back to routine but we’ve been a little under the weather so it’s been a bit of a lazy week! I thought I’d share a few photos of what we’ve been up to recently.



We spent some time in the garden enjoying the beautiful sunshine. T wanted to make a nest for the birds. I’ve been wanting to do some weaving with her for a while so I made a rough frame with a long, flexible stick and T collected sticks which I helped her weave into it. She found this ‘dinosaur egg’ which she put into it too!



We continued a little with the Space theme and made T a rocket to play in. We used various lids for the control panel and J used a wooden bolt from her construction kit to attach the steering wheel…all rockets have those right?! She loved pretending to a be an astronaut and going for space walks.


Last week we popped by T’s nursery as they had someone bringing in some animals for the children to see. On our way T spotted these insects. There were loads of them! Anyone know what they are?


We visited the Natural History Museum too, to see the obvious toddler exhibits – dinosaurs and the whale! T loved seeing all the different creatures and was fascinated by the robotic T-Rex – although understandably cautious!

We popped by Buckingham Palace (T was very disappointed that we weren’t invited in) and then stumbled across this marching band practising outside the Guards Museum. T enjoyed sitting on her Daddy’s shoulders and swinging her arms in time to the music!

After watching the marching band, we strolled across to St James Park to see the Pelicans. We didn’t get a great view of them but we did get to see a heron!


We spent a lovely hour or so sitting in the sunshine in a nearby park. T befriended a group of kids while we lazed on the grass and admired this beautiful blossom! Ok, I lazed on the grass. J did some quality parenting.

At the weekend we celebrated my Dads 80th. We had a great weekend with my family enjoying Derbyshire countryside and some great food! I wrote a piece about him earlier this week – you can read it here.



We extended the use of T’s ‘moon landing’ small world from last week,¬†adding a bit more salt and some cinnamon to add another sensory element. I draw a few patterns on card for T to have a go at drawing in the salt.


We’ve been embracing the rain this week, much like this little fellow. It’s not so bad now it’s so warm still. We spend a morning in a play park and had it all to ourselves!


We also did some chalk drawing in the rain. It makes the colours much more vibrant! T enjoyed watching the colours swirl in a puddle.


Our potatoes also have started to spring up this week! It’s nice to know something is happening under there! Our strawberries, beans and courgettes also seem to be doing well, although the peas aren’t doing much!


Thanks for reading!

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