The Three Billy Goats

Recently I asked T what her favourite story is, and she informed me it was The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I expect this has changed now, as she’s two and her opinions on what she likes and dislikes are about as reliable as this lovely summer weather we’ve been having in the UK this year.

However, I decided to run with it anyway and set up a few billy goat themed activities!


I started by putting out a story basket for her. This included the three goats, and a retro troll doll pencil topper! I also included some fabric and glass beads to represent the grass and water. I haven’t presented small world materials like this for T before and she enjoyed investigating what was in the basket. Together we put the objects into a tray to play with.


T enjoyed building a bridge for the goats and storytelling using the characters. Her version differed greatly from the original tale; our troll was friendly and all the goats crossed the bridge without issue. Haha!


Our goats were given beds. Then they were built a house, with another house for the trolls. The houses were on top of each other, not side by side…guess who’s being brought up in a city?!

We also used the goats in play dough – we had some green and blue which worked perfectly. T loves making impressions in the dough.


We used a large lolly stick as the bridge.


T and I also made a more solid bridge using lollipop sticks. We talked about how we could put the sticks together to build the bridge. I put some double sided tape on the two sticks and she stuck the rest on too. I was surprised that she lined them up so neatly with no overlaps or gaps!

Just for fun, I decided to do a bit of teatime artwork! I always see those amazing lunches and suppers that people make for their kids-you know the ones, where they manage to turn the most ordinary foodstuffs into delicious artwork! I don’t have the inspiration or creativity for it as a general rule but I and a moment of inspiration…


Voila! I call it ‘spaghetti trollognese’. Yes, those are raisins for eyes. No, I wouldn’t usually put raisins in bolognese. It was just these two, I promise.

If we’d had more time this week, we’d have probably been to the farm, or played trolls under a bridge near our house….both things we’ve done many times before! In fact we can’t usually get past this bridge without me having to jump down underneath to play the part of the troll! With an older child it would have been fun to experiment with different bridge-making materials and see which could hold the most weight.

Thanks for reading!

5 Replies to “The Three Billy Goats”

  1. Love the retro Troll and yours and Thea’s imagination. We had a ladybird book of three billy goats gruff that I regularly read to both girls and we often played ‘trip trap trip trap over the wibbly wobbly bridge but my imagination never went further than that.

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      I think the one we borrowed was a ladybird one too! X

  2. I love this where I used to work I used to do something similar called story boxed, and it would comprise of a shoebox and either random objects, objects on a theme like insects or red things or would be objects relating to a story like handa’s surprise. We would then explore the contents and retell or make up our own stories I used to love it and can’t wait till Mimi is old enough for me to do it with

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      Sounds great! Yes I think I will try and do more of that sort of thing, T is becoming really imaginative so will be fun to do that with her.

  3. My daughter loves acting this one out as well – she’s 2.5. Something about it just seems to capture their imagination doesn’t it?

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