Homemade Fruity Yoghurt Ice Lollies!

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What a wonderful summer we are having! Okay, so maybe not, but when the sun does pop out for a while, I want to make the most of it and have an ice cream. T has definitely inherited my sweet tooth…my husband’s too, actually. Last year we kept some frubes in the freezer but this year I have upped my game, with frozen fruit lollies! It is good knowing exactly what goes into them, and T enjoys helping to make them, too! So I have a couple of recipes for you. Enjoy!

Image of lolly moulds filled with fruit and yoghurt, bearing the caption 'Our berry and yoghurt lollies are ready to go in the freezer!'
Our berry and yoghurt lollies are ready to go in the freezer!

Banana Smoothie Lollies

Break a couple of bananas in to pieces and place in the blender. Add some whole milk, and a tablespoonful of peanut butter (optional) and blend. Pour into lolly moulds and freeze.

I measured how much mixture needed by pouring water into our lolly moulds and pouring that into the blender. Then I just made sure my mixture reached that level too.

Picture of two ice lollies, one strawberry and one cherry, and the caption 'How appealing do these look?!'
How appealing do these look?!

Berry and Yoghurt Lollies

We had some strawberries and cherries in the fridge which were past their best, so I decided to use them to make ice lollies.

Purée the strawberries in the blender, and do the same with the cherries after removing the stones. Put 2 tsp of fruit purée into each lolly mould, followed by a layer of full fat Greek yoghurt. Continue to layer until you reach the top of the mould. Freeze.

We were nearly out of yoghurt when I made these, so I mixed it with some whole milk to make it stretch further.

Picture of ice lolly in a child's mouth, with the caption 'They were certainly enjoyed!'
They were certainly enjoyed!

These are so tasty, and fun to make, too! We use plain natural yoghurt, or Greek yoghurt, so these are a really healthy alternative to ice cream.

I’m sure we’ll be making some more as the summer goes on, and there are so many variations! I am planning to try watermelon; yoghurt and apple (I’ll cook the apple down into apple sauce first); and I might make some with fruit chunks in. Yum!

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  1. They sound very tasty! Thanks so much for the great alt text tags 🙂 xx #TribalLove

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      I’m glad they worked OK! I will have to try and go back and do the others at some point. Thanks for reading x

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