Six ways to keep your kids cool this summer

Image of blue sky with white clouds. In yellow writing is the title '6 ways to keep your kids cool this summer'.

Ok, we’ve had a week of sunshine so we’ve probably not got long left, but despite that I thought I’d post a few ideas to keep your kids cool on those very hot days!

Water the garden

Get the hose out! Encourage your kids to help you water the plants. If you have a nozzle with different settings, T loves putting it on the shower or mist setting and running around in the spray!

Go swimming

When it’s really just too hot to bear, get along to your nearest outdoor pool and cool off! Remember to bring plenty to drink, lots of sun cream and snacks for afterwards! If you can’t get to the pool, then get the paddling pool out. Try and place it in a shady spot and add a few tubs, funnels and sieves for some fun water play!

Make ice lollies

These are fun to make and even more fun to eat! We love making these together and then enjoying them the following day. And if it’s a two ice-cream kind of day, you can eat these guilt free! Find the recipe here.

Picture of two ice lollies, one strawberry and one cherry, and the caption 'How appealing do these look?!'

Paint with water

Get some large brushes and paint the wall or ground. If you have different sized brushes this is a great opportunity to bring in some very natural mathematical talk. You can use water or add a bit of paint to make colours.

Picture of child standing in front of wall, painting it with water.

Colour mixing

Pour some bubble mix into a few different pots (clean yoghurt pots would do) and add a few drops of food colouring. Pour two pots into a large tub and add plenty of water. Watch the colours swirl and mix and you end with some delightfully foamy coloured water to play with!

Arctic play scene

Fill some different sized pots and tubs with water and freeze the night before. Place in a large tub along with ice cubes, toy creatures (e.g. penguins, whales, seals) and play! It is fun to observe the ice melting, and you can add in a bit more scientific exploration by allowing your child to use salt to speed up the melting process! You can even freeze some animals in the ice for your child to ‘rescue’.

Have fun! If you have any other ideas for keeping the kids cool, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. Those ice lollies look great! We often play with the hose in the garden and try to make rainbows on sunny days 🙂 x #FriYAYlinky

  2. Great ideas! Those lollies look amazing too!! Thanks so much for linking up, i’ll be trying all of these! #friyaylinky

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