Firework Fun!

Firework night. Possibly one of my favourite nights of the year! When I was a child we always used to have a bonfire in the garden and let off some fireworks. We’d have hot cups of soup or hotdogs. I used to love seeing all the different fireworks, always loved the sounds, sights and smells – and it hasn’t really changed as I’ve got older! I always rush to the window to try and see them if I hear them going on.

This week, I’ve taken the opportunity to do a few firework related crafts with T.

We began by making a model firework. This is a very similar process to the rocket we made for our Space-themed week earlier this year. We began by wrapping the centre of a loo roll in coloured paper and making the top by cutting a circle of coloured card, and attaching to the loo roll with glue.

Image of loo roll and lid of firework prepared to decorate

We then decorated it with stickers, and finally used pipe cleaners to make the ‘Sparks’ coming from the bottom. These we twisted around a pencil first to give them a good shape. We attached thread to the top so that we could hang it up. I think it looks great!

Image of completed firework hanging from ceiling

I did this activity with a two and three year old, but this would be a really lovely activity for children in KS1 and even some older children, who could be a lot more independent and imaginative with their design. This activity is great for developing creativity and imagination, as well as developing fine motor control (using scissors; twisting pipe cleaners; peeling paper from stickers). I love how they look hanging up, so since I took the photo we made a few more to make a little display!

We also made some firework pictures this week. We began by using chalk on black paper but moved on to some pastel-style crayons T has, which gave a more vibrant colour. I showed her how to begin from a central point and draw lines flicking out, using different colours together. We finished it by mixing some glitter with some PVA glue and using a straw to add this to our fireworks.

Childs drawing of fireworks as described in post

I’ve been meaning to do some shaving foam sensory play for a long time, and we finally got around to it this week. I put shaving foam in a tub with some blobs of paint, and put out cotton buds for mixing with.

Firework Fun!

We started off using cotton buds to pull the paint out, making a kind of ‘explosion’ design, but T also enjoyed stirring the mixture and swirling all the colours together, and finally just diving in with her hands, squeezing the foam and thoroughly enjoying herself!

I found the ideas for the firework craft and drawings on iChild is a website which provides a huge range of resources on different themes for parents and teachers to use. This includes all sorts of things such as craft ideas, fact sheets, and printable activities. You can access many of their resources for free when you register, or you can pay to upgrade your membership to access their ‘Gold’ resources.

Over the last few years we’ve tended to go to a local firework display, but this year we are having hotdogs at home and letting off a few fireworks and sparklers. I feel all nostalgic just thinking about it! Hope you have a happy and safe fireworks night.

Disclaimer: I was given a Gold Membership to iChild for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the shaving foam activity. That looks so much fun.

  2. Ohhh I’ve been meaning to do that shaving foam for a long time. Really must give it a go. How did your fireworks go? Hope you had a lovely evening. Thanks for linking up to #MBFSL again 🙂

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