Celebrating Autumn

Image of dewdrops on spider web with title Celebrating Autumn
I love Autumn! I don’t think I’d ever be able to choose a favourite season as I really love them all, but in Autumn I just love the beautiful colours, the knitwear, and the run-up to Christmas!
Here are a few of the Autumnal activities we’ve been enjoying. Why not give them a go at home?
Treasure hunt
We’ve been out collecting leaves regularly, and it became a little treasure hunt when I drew a few specific leaves for T to look out for while we were out and about. We’ve also collected other treasures, including sycamore seeds, conkers and acorns. Recently my sister was telling me that she and her kids had discovered a ‘Turkey Oak’ near to their house, which has slightly different leaves to the Common Oak and most noticeably, the acorns have spiky hats, a little more like conkers! I’d never heard of one before, but we came across one on one of our Autumn walks! It’s so fun to do an Autumn treasure hunt, and try and find all the things on a list – you could even add a spiders web, like this beautiful one we found this week! The woodland trust have a nice printable treasure hunt here.
Image of spider web with dew drops
I’ve seen all these pictures online of people with lovely nature tables in their homes. We don’t have a dedicated table but we have been saving a few of our ‘treasures’ to keep next to the phone! T has really enjoyed showing them to people. I keep meaning to look out for a nice bowl in a charity shop for all these bits and bobs.
We used some of our leaves to make an Autumn Crown. I love using all the things we find out and about to make stuff – you get twice as much out of them! I’ve seen lots of pictures online of little creatures made from conkers, leaves and acorns – amazing what you can do with a few googly eyes!
Recently T received some balance scales for her birthday. This week I put them out with some of the natural materials we have collected recently and in the past, including pine cones, conkers, stones, sticks and acorns. T loved putting them in and finding out which were heavier! Balance scales like these are a great way of introducing children to the concept of weight in a playful way, and are also great for role play (such as cooking or weighing food in a shop).
Image of balance scales surrounded by natural materials such as conkers, acorns and sticks.
Bonfire night
We spent some time in the run up to bonfire night doing a few firework-related art and craft projects. We spent bonfire night at home, having hot-dogs and fireworks with friends in our garden. It was great!
Make a hedgehog
I came across a ‘how-to’ on ichild.co.uk describing how to make a hedgehog from a paper plate. T and I had a go at this together.
child cutting zig zags around the edge of a paper plate
First she cut triangles out of the edge of a paper plate to make it spiky.


Image of paper plate with a child painting it brown.
Next she painted the plate brown.


Image of the hedgehog 'face'. Craft foam forms the snout, with two goggly eyes and a large black button for the nose.
While it dried, we made a face. We used craft foam for the snout, and a button for the nose.


Image of the completed hedgehog craft.
I think the completed hedgehog looks really cute!

What have you been getting up to this Autumn?

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