Tidying up for 2017: My KonMari Challenge!

I’m not particularly one for resolutions – they don’t hold much weight for me, at any rate. However, this year, I am determined to declutter and learn to be tidy!

I am just not a tidy person; never have been! It never used to bother me, however, these days I just LOVE being in a tidy home. When our home is tidy, with everything away (OK – that never happens. With most things away!) , it makes me feel so relaxed. I can cope with a moderate amount of mess, but I’d rather not have to. And when things become really cluttered, I can feel my stress levels rise!

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For Christmas, I received The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I’d asked for this, and my parents bought it for me – they know that I need it better than almost anyone, I think! It took me almost no time at all to read through it. The KonMari method has two basic steps, which are further broken down in her book: 1. Declutter; and 2. Give everything a home.

Sounds simple, right? So this year I am going to start by having a BIG sort out. I’m hoping, as a rough time scale, to have decluttered – decluttered EVERYTHING – by May or June. Once that’s been done thoroughly, I hope finding a place for everything will be a much quicker job!

And if it’s all done by June/July, that’ll be good timing, because just around then is when we are expecting a little addition to our family, which we are very excited about…but I suspect I will not be spending an awful lot of time tidying in the latter half of 2017! I suppose you could say that this is some kind of extreme nesting. My husband, needless to say, is ecstatic that I’m planning on turning the house upside down! I’ll be tracking my progress on here – I’ll try to do an update each month of how I’ve done so far and what I hope to do next.

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