Celebrating Valentines Day with kids!

I’m going to go ahead and say it: I LOVE VALENTINES DAY! I’m not a particularly romantic type in general and I’d prefer yellow roses to red ones (or daffodils, or peonies) but I like having a day especially for showing my loved ones that I love them!
Image of daffodils in a jar
Thankfully my husband knows my floral preferences. Works out cheaper for him too, haha!
As kids we would always have a card from our parents (well, actually, they always signed off with a traditional ‘?’, but somehow we cracked the code!) and often some chocolate hearts waiting on the breakfast table for us. Now while I really like the idea of having a table laid nicely for breakfast every morning, we are definitely much more of a ‘clear enough of the rubbish to one side that there’s space for us to eat’ kind of family. But for ‘special’ days, I tend to make a bit more of an effort so this year the table was laid the night before, cards waiting to be opened, and chocolate hearts in the bowls (of course).
My husband and I rarely go out for dinner on Valentines Day (in fact, I’m not sure if we ever have) but we do try and have nice meal. This year I cooked steak, made peppercorn sauce (it was yummy…I’ll try and put the recipe on here soon) and even made these chocolate pots which tasted amazing! I followed the recipe EXACTLY, and it turns out that was for four, so we had more the next day – shame!
I like to try and find nice ways of showing T how much she is loved on Valentines Day. Last year (when she was two) we did a treasure hunt for her. She had to find hearts hidden around the house, and each one had a reason why we love her written on. We then pegged these to a length of ribbon to hang up. This year we made her a card…nothing very inventive there! We left it a bit late to think about it this year but decided that over the coming year we will write a little note every time she does one of those little things that just reminds us how much we love her, and then give the notes to her next Valentines Day. It may become a tradition!
Card hearts pegged to ribbon. They read 'you make us laugh!' and 'you are great at dancing!'
We also did a few little Valentines activities at home:
A sensory salt tray for mark making. T loved drawing in it, and wrote her name completely independently for the first time! We used salt mixed with food colouring and pink glitter.
Wax rubbings. I made the tile one evening using string and PVA glue, so it was all ready for the morning.
Heart printing. We used the string tile I’d made again, as well as some sponge and a foam heart stuck on a straw.
Image of printed hearts.
The finished picture was very cute! You could use the paper to make a card or as wrapping paper.

How do you celebrate?

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