My KonMari Challenge! Phase 2: Books

For Christmas I received The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I am not by nature a tidy person (huuuuge understatement) but I find having a tidy home so calming. These two things do not complement each other!
In January I blogged about the first stage of my KonMari clear out – getting rid of clothes. I am ashamed to say I STILL need to get some of the discarded clothes photographed so I can put them on eBay! However I’m pleased to report that my clothes have (for the most part) remained neatly folded in my drawers and it’s made it much easier to know what I have and find it quickly! Since posting I have also KM’d my daughters clothes (a very quick job since she’s only three – just removing a few items she’d grown out of and a bit of folding needed!).
The second stage in the KonMari method is to sort through books. She recommends keeping your collection small, and getting rid of any books which:
a) don’t spark joy;
b) you won’t read again; or
c) which you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t (on the basis that if you haven’t read them yet, you probably never will).
It’s taken me ages to get around to this. It needed to be a joint effort with my husband, but also I just couldn’t imagine there would be many books we wanted to get rid of! I had a quick sort through books in October, and removed a fair few then, so I didn’t think this next sort through would be especially productive.
This week we finally got around to it, and got ALL the books out on to the floor! There were a lot! We put those we were most attached to (J’s Bernard Cornwell collection and some Louis de Bernieres books for me) to one side and began the sort out. We were surprised by how many didn’t ‘spark joy’! There were several books which have never been read, and many more which we knew we wouldn’t be read again.
Multiple stacks of books on a rug.
All the books out on the floor!
There were a few books – maybe four or so each – which we haven’t yet read, but do really want to. For now, these are staying off the bookshelf to be read. If in six months time we haven’t read them, they will be going too.
Brown corner sofa scattered with books.
Our sofa briefly disappeared under the books we no longer wanted!
In total, we have got rid over over 80 books, as well as unearthing a few which need returning to their owners. Our book collection has almost halved, so we now have a lot of clear space on our book shelves which we will be able to utilise at a later date. We do still need to sort through our recipe books and children’s books, but that shouldn’t take too long I hope. I find it really cathartic getting so much out of our home and only keeping those things which we really want to hang on to. I’m looking forward to finishing although I’ll have to speed up a bit if I want to be done by the time Baby arrives in June!
Several tall towers of books
Some of the 80+ books we are getting rid of!
Next job – paperwork. One of my least favourite things! But it will be good to have all our paperwork in order and I know I will take great satisfaction in burning the paperwork we no longer need in our fire pit!
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