A Tisket, A Tasket, Here is my Rhyming Basket!

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One of the things we’ve enjoyed doing with T for a while is singing nursery rhymes and reading rhyming stories or kids poetry. Recently she has begun to notice rhyming words around her and to make up her own nonsense rhyming words, so off the back of this sudden interest, I decided to create a simple rhyming activity for her.

To create the rhyming basket, I found matching pairs of objects using household items and toys and popped them in a basket. I included things such as: sock/block; peg/egg; and star/car.

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We began by naming all the items in the basket – they were all things which she knew the name of, but it was helpful for things that might have more than one word associated with them. For example, she started out calling the hen ‘cockerel’ – she may be accurate but it doesn’t work when rhyming with ‘pen’!

Once we had done that we took turns choosing an object and challenging each other to find the matching pair. At the moment she sometimes gets confused between words that rhyme and words which start with the same sound – so for example, she tried matching ‘peg’ and ‘pen’ because they both start with p.

Finally, I put one of each pair into a bag, and divided what was left between us. Then we had a game of bingo! We took it turns to pull out an item and see if we had the matching pair. If not, it went back into the bag! The winner is the first one to match all their objects with their rhyming pair.

Rhyming activities help children to develop phonological awareness – the skill of recognising and discriminating between sounds in words. Developing these skills lay the foundation for learning to read and write. There is also evidence that a child’s ability to detect rhymes has an impact on their future success at reading (read more about this here). Above all this though, rhyming is fun! Whether you’re singing, reading stories or poems, or doing activities like this one, rhyming is a great way of having a bit of fun and some time with your child.

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3 Replies to “A Tisket, A Tasket, Here is my Rhyming Basket!”

  1. Hairy McClairy book is great for this as we’ve started to put in our own rhyming words or make up words to rhyme. Much laughter when we did this last week.

    1. beccatooth says: Reply

      She does love Hairy McClairy as you know!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! So good for a wide range of ages too. Mentioned it on this weeks link up 🙂 #friyaylinky

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