Make Your Own Music Maker!

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Have some fun exploring how to create and change sounds with this fun music maker craft!

You will need:
* Two small containers (we used empty baked bean cans)
* Two balloons
* Dried food such as corn, rice or pasta
* Scissors
* Sticky tape

It’s a pretty self-explanatory process, but just in case you were wondering…
Cut the neck off the balloon, leaving the round top.
Put the rice or grain in the can, and stretch the balloon over the can (this takes a bit of doing – definitely a job for the grown up on hand!)
Secure the balloon in place use sticky tape.
Using a balloon to seal the can means that you can use your instrument as a small drum as well as a shaker. When you have finished, you can decorate it with coloured paper or stickers.

While you’re playing, you can extend the learning by asking a few questions:
What does it sound like if we just put a little corn in?
What happens to the sound when we add some more?
What kind of sound does it make – can you describe it?
How are the sounds different?
Can you play your shaker quietly?
Can you make it louder?
Does it sound the same if you bang on the drum?

Image of cans with balloons stretched over the top.

It’s fun to experiment with the different ways to play the instrument – shaking, swirling, rolling or banging! Talk about how the sound changes and what it reminds you of – perhaps thunder, rain or the sea?
You can also play some simple rhythms on your instrument and encourage your child to copy you. Or stick on some of your favourite music and dance and play along!

Have fun!

Make Your Own Music Maker
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  1. I know my boy would love this whole process so definitely need to start keeping some tin cans after we use them. Thanks for sharing. #littlemakes

  2. Lovely and simple idea. I made something similar out of a pringle tube and we had it for ages!

  3. Fantastic idea and they love playing with things more when they’ve made them, so we will be doing this #littlemakes

  4. Bet these made a great noise! My little girl would love this! She’s desperate to be in a band!! Thanks for sharing #littlemakes

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