Bienvenue sur Le Marché: French Market Role Play

As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, this week we’ve had a French theme to our play. One of my favourite things to do when in France is to visit the local market, so I decided to set up a simple market role play for T to play with.

To set up, I laid out some of her toy food and a till with some 1p and 2p coins (we always use real coins; much more fun to play with than plastic money I think!). I also gave her a shopping basket, and put some more change in a little bag for her. Just for fun, I added a Le Marché sign complete with French flag. Luckily we’ve had some lovely weather this week so I was able to set up outdoors, just like a real market!

Wooden basket of toy food, a till and the Le Marché sign set up on a table outdoors

We’ve read a few French stories (or stories with the odd French phrase in, such as There’s a Dinosaur in my Bath) and T always enjoys having a go at saying the words! Of course, she soon tires of this and ends up making up her own ‘French’ words! Anyway, I took the opportunity to introduce some new French phrases within the role play. She already knows Bonjour, so I introduced Au Revoir, Merci and S’il vous plait. I also used some of the fruit and vegetable names…not that I knew them all!

As well as building on the language, we also included some maths in the play. T has been becoming much more familiar with written numbers recently, so I put a ‘price tag’ on each of the items – real bargains since they were all 10p or under! We looked at the prices and I helped her to find the right change. I’d given her copper coins only, but we haven’t really discussed the value of money before, so I needed to explain that the larger coins were worth two pennies. We did this a couple of times, but she does love to just fill her basket with nearly everything (“and last thing…I’ll just have four carrots and that pepper and a lemon for some lemon pudding, and the cheese, both cheeses…”)! When she did this, we just exchanged a handful of coins for the lot! I’ll keep this role play set up for a few days to see how she goes with it as it becomes more familiar, and then set up something similar again in a few weeks time.

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2 Replies to “Bienvenue sur Le Marché: French Market Role Play”

  1. What a fantastic idea! Not only a great role play idea, but also introducing french. Thats awesome!

  2. This is a fab idea! We have that same til too but yet to do much with it, on this tomorrow!


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