Review: Little Lambs Cloth Wipes

I wrote in June about our experience of using cloth nappies with T, and how we would soon be using them again for our latest addition, who made an appearance a few weeks ago.

When T was born, we were keen to avoid chemicals and so for a long time used Water Wipes, which we got on well with. Among the disposable wipes, these are some of the most natural you will find – chemical free, using just water and grapefruit seed extract. However, this does come at a cost: you will pay in the region of £2.50 for a pack of wipes in comparison to something like £0.60 for a supermarket brand.
Having used cloth nappies, this time around we thought we’d give cloth wipes a go – after all, we’re already doing the extra washing and I’d read really good things about them!

Little Lambs cloth wipes are 15x15cm squares of super soft, double sided knitted bamboo. The bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which helps to keep them fresh. To use them, they simply need to be dampened with a little water, and once used, they can be chucked in the washing machine along with your nappies. We keep our wipes damp in a plastic tub, with just a few drops of essential oil. This means they’re ready to go whenever we need them. Out and about, it’s simple enough to take a few wipes with us in a small wet bag, although we often take some disposable wipes as well, just in case of emergencies!
We are total converts! Here’s why…

Soft and Sensitive

The wipes are beautifully soft, so they feel much nicer to use than disposable wipes, especially on a little newborn bottom! They are completely free from any nasties, since they are just dampened with a little tap water. Great for sensitive skin.


They are really efficient. Despite being slightly smaller than the average baby wipe, it is rare that we have to use more than one wipe, and the most I’ve used so far is three  – but that was for a full-blown poonami, with the added joy of a teeny tiny heel landing in the dirty nappy. When we use disposable baby wipes, we usually use at least two, and often more. They are also much more substantial than a normal wipe. It’s more like using a thin flannel. As far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely preferable to have as much between my hands and the poop as possible!


A pack of ten wipes will set you back £12 – we have two packs and find that is plenty, so a total of £24. Although twenty wipes may not sound like an awful lot, considering that most days we use around seven and we wash our nappies and wipes every other day, it’s rare that we run out. WhatPrice estimate that in the first two years, a child uses approximately 5353 nappies. If you reckon on using three wipes per nappy change (many more at times!) then you’d be looking at spending over £160 on wipes alone, or an eye-watering £670 if you regularly went for a more expensive brand such as Water Wipes. Ouch! Clearly £12 on washable wipes is a huge saving.


Of course, there’s the environmental impact. I reckon the average child would require a minimum of 12,000 wipes pre-potty training, not including those used for non-toilet purposes.
Why not head over to the Little Lambs site and get a set for your little one?
Disclaimer: I was sent these wipes for the purpose of a review, however, as always, all opinions are completely my own.

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