Make an Arctic Small World

Last week, I wrote about how to Make Your Own Small World Scene. Small worlds are SO much fun and can while away far too many hours on Pinterest and Instagram looking at ones which other people have put together – so many inviting scenes just waiting to be played with!

This week, we have made an Arctic small world – lots of fun to play with at any time of the year!

Make an Arctic Small World

We began by covering the base of our storage box with blue sequinned fabric, and used crumpled paper to make icy land. We created an ice cave by wrapping paper around a couple of our Grimms Earth tunnels.

Don’t you just love the face on this seal?! I don’t think he’s noticed the polar bear behind him…

We added blue and green gems and some shells to add to the sensory experience and make the scene even more inviting! Finally we put in T’s Safari Toob Arctic animals.

She had so much fun playing with this set up! We had dramatic polar bear chases, hidden treasure, and animal rescue where they fell into the icy water!

What She Is Learning

  • Geography: habitats
  • Biology: food chains
  • Drama and Literacy: creating and acting out stories
  • Sensory exploration: different materials, natural and manmade, textures

Why not have a go at make your own Arctic scene? You could use polystyrene, ice, other fabrics, or Magic Snow – which we did just before Christmas!

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