Glitter Snow Dough

Ok – you’d like an activity that is quick to prepare, cheap as chips (or possibly cheaper) and will keep your little ones entertained long enough for you to at least make and drink a cup of tea? Then you’re in the right place! Keep reading!


Playdough is one of my all-time favourite activities, because it is fun, sensory, creative, engaging, and can be done in so many different ways! We’ve used play dough for all sorts of things before – in fact, you can find our 7 Simple Invitations to Play with Playdough right here. We always make our own play dough because it’s so quick and cheap to make, and it means you can easily switch colours, scents, and textures as you desire! I love this recipe from The Imagination Tree, because its so quick, lovely and soft, and lasts for ages! You just need a few simple household ingredients: flour, table salt, oil, and cream of tartar. For some reason I’ve found cream of tartar somewhat trickier to get hold of in recent months, other than in little 5g sachets, which is a very expensive way of buying it! Thankfully, Amazon came to my rescue – you can buy a bag here, which is big enough to last you for plenty of play dough sessions! I’ve taken to making a big batch of plain play dough (no colours or scents) and then keeping a few balls of dough in a ziplock bag. Whenever we get the urge we can just whip out some play dough and make it into whatever we need!

Glitter Snow Dough

A few weeks ago I made some glitter snow dough for our church playgroup, and as T helped me to make it, she gave it a little test run!

We began by making a batch of plain play dough. We added in a fair amount of silver glitter to the dough – it’s amazing how glitter disappears into play dough, so just keep shaking!

Ball of playdough covered in silver glitter on wooden table

I cut out some hat shapes out of coloured card, and also put out some googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

T had so much fun creating her snowmen! She began by making the body and adding all the usual components, using pipe cleaners for arms and the carrot nose. However, she soon moved on to making her own decorations using some leftover bits of cards and her scissors. She began with buttons, progressed on to hair and some shorts and then finally, fringed boots (who even knew that she knew they were a thing?!) and octo-arms!

Playdough snowman with a top hat, green buttons, pink arms, Googly eyes and a carrot nose

The playdough was also a hit at the playgroup, and kept several of the kids entertained for a good while! I also added some sequins to the setup..and a sprinkle more glitter for good measure! I find I’m always more liberal with the glitter when it’s not in my house!

Black tray sprinkled with sequins and glitter. There is a playdough snowman to one side.

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