My KonMari Challenge: January Update

Last month, I wrote about my experience of using the KonMari method, how far I’d got, and what I plan to do next. I’ve got a few bits done this month so I thought I’d give you a little update of where I am now.


Although I did my clothing pretty thoroughly last year, I decided to completely start over and pull it all out. I actually don’t have loads of clothes so while I know that for some of you getting all your clothes out in one go would be unmanageable, for me it’s very much doable!
We have a small walk in wardrobe in our room, with some high shelving at the top. I happened to discover (thankfully before I did my clothing) that there were two big vacuum bags of clothes up there, which I haven’t looked at for almost three years! They have been bagged up since we moved out of a previous flat and almost all of them went in a bag for charity, as they just weren’t my style any more. Annoyingly there were a w items of maternity wear in there which I obviously didn’t use during my last preganancy, but I have kept them…just in case! I also got rid of some of the clothes which I kept last year, and did my shoes as well which got missed last time around.
I have used the KonMari method of folding clothes since I did them last year, which means they are placed side by side rather than on top of each other. I really like the method because it means I can find what I want easily, and it also saves space!
Last year I hung on to clothes for ages hoping to sell them, and while I did sell a few, in the end I just had to give them up as lost. This time around, I decided to just get them out immediately! A big bag went to a local charity shop and those which weren’t in very good condition went to H&M – did you know they collect old clothes (any condition) and give you a £5 voucher in return?
All neatly folded and ready to grab and go!


I didn’t think we really needed to do books, since we almost halved our collection last year and haven’t acquired many since then. However, since we didn’t think we’d get rid of any last year, I decided maybe it was worth giving them another look. I’m glad I did, as we did get rid of a few more, but nothing like the amount that went last year! I’m planning to sell them using Ziffit or Music Magpie.


I decided to keep the kids. They’re definite joy-sparkers. But what I have been wondering is how to go about decluttering the stuff belonging to T, as I know that there are things I would happily get rid of that she’d want to keep and vice versa! Given her age I’m not prepared to give her complete say over what stays and what goes, and I was wondering if I should just go for a stealth declutter…but she’s quite sharp, and I suspect she’d notice if things kept going missing! So I decided to involve her. She surprised me by how open she was to it – excited, even!
We started with her clothes. We removed those that were too small, and where she had too many of an item, I told her how many she could keep and let her choose. There were one or two things I was sad to see her get rid of, but actually she knows what she likes and it has made getting dressed much quicker in the mornings.
We also did her books. She got rid of very few – but since minimalism isn’t the aim, that’s ok by me! We love having lots of stories to read to her, and she does have a lot of lovely ones. I’ve arranged them by colour again – let’s see how long it lasts this time!
We went through her cuddly toys (sometimes it seems to me like kids and cuddly toys must have some kind of magnetic attraction) and there were a few that she has no attachment to and doesn’t play with which she decided to get rid of. I think we might have to operate a ‘one in, one out’ policy from here on in!
We also went through her dressing up box one afternoon. She really surprised me here, by choosing to get rid of some of her ‘princess’ props, including a tiara which I bought for fancy dress at university! I would not have guessed she’d part with those. In her words, they were “too fancy”!
I really like the idea that she is learning to declutter and choose to keep only the things she loves at an early age. I hope this is something I can continue to teach her as I think it will serve her really well as she grows up.

Keeping Tidy

Decluttering has made me more motivated and more able to keep the house tidy. I’ve also come across a method (which I’ll tell you more about at a later date) where I focus on cleaning and tidying an area each day and the two things working alongside each other are really making a difference! My vacuum cleaner couldn’t keep up with the pace, though, and has given up!

February Goals

My next big job (which I have totally been putting off) is paperwork. Groan! At least I know it won’t be quite so big a job as last year! However, once that is done, I can get back on with Komono – the miscellaneous items! I don’t think I’ll need to revisit many categories here, as they are all quite small subsections, so it’ll be nice to feel like I’m really making progress again. I think, once paperwork is done, I’ll try and go through video games, board games, and T’s craft drawer!
I’ll write another update at the start of next month. I can’t put off paperwork for much longer!

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