Messy Play: Shaving Foam and Paint

Before Christmas, I set myself a challenge of doing 20 days of messy play. While I didn’t actually manage the whole twenty days (not sure why I thought that was possible right before Christmas?!), we did have lots of fun!

One of the activities we did was to use shaving foam and paint. This is SUCH a simple 60 second set up – literally squirt some paint around the base of your container and then top with large blobs of shaving foam!
tray with large blobs of shaving foam and swirls of paint in red, blue and yellow

What they are learning

Sensory development
Colour mixing
Making patterns
Mark making and/or letter writing (dependent on age)

How to extend the play

Challenge your child to make certain colours using the paint
Hide letters or numbers in the foam for them to discover
Provide different tools for mark making
Give them other things to add to the foam, to see what happens (e.g. water; bicarbonate of soda)
One of the great things about this kind of play is that the clean up is just as fun as the play itself!
Tray is leaning against an outside wall with a hose being sprayed at it

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