Sweet Shop Role Play

Role play is a brilliant activity for children as it promotes the use of language; applying specific skills (such as counting or writing) in context; is great for social development; and best of all is lots of FUN!
For T’s 4th birthday we gave her a ‘shop front’, and for one of her party activities, we turned it into a sweet shop. Here’s how:

Sweet Shop Role Play

• We made playdough (I always use this recipe) and coloured it to create lemon, mint and chocolate flavours. We used lemon essence and mint flavouring for the yellow and green doughs, and cocoa powder as both colouring and flavouring for the chocolate. Yum! You could also make strawberry, vanilla, orange, banana, rose or whatever else takes your fancy!

• We created some lollipops using pipe cleaners. A couple of pipe cleaners twisted together and swirled around in a spiral look very effective!

• We used small pom-poms in a jar as bonbons.

• We provided the children with some petit-four paper cases, and some small moulds for creating the sweets in.

We did this again quite recently, and this time I extended the play by adding a till with some coins in to promote the use of mathematical language. I also encouraged T to label her sweets with the cost of each item. I told her that nothing could be more than 10p! (The labels you can see are actually place name cards left over from our wedding! A talented friend designed them for us.)


Chocolate and mint twists


Lemon Sherbets


Peppermint Creams and Chocolate Creams

What they are learning

The concept of buying and selling
Mathematical language: pence, cost, how much, change, left
Addition (making larger amounts from different coins)
Writing and recognising numbers

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