Baby Play: Balls!

T & A were given a tuff spot tray for Christmas and we’ve been enjoying putting it to use.
In the last couple of months A has become increasingly engaged in playing and exploring the things around him. I love this age; it’s so fun to see what they enjoy and how they react to different things.
Last week we did a really simple play set-up for A: balls! Balls are one of those things kids just seem to accumulate so we have quite a number! And when you start to think about it, they actually vary quite a lot.

For such a simple set-up, there was a wide range of things for A to experience and begin to learn about:


While we obviously only included balls which were big enough to be safe for A, they vary quite a lot in size. At this early stage he is beginning to observe and compare the sizes and discover how bigger items might be more difficult to pick up and handle.


Most of the balls are quite light, but we did include a couple of juggling balls which are more weighted.


As well as being made of different materials (including plastic, fabric and metal), the balls have other textures. For example, one of them is spiky, while the ‘o-ball’ has a mesh-type structure.
 variety of balls on black tray; including mesh 0-ball, transparent ball with liquid and confuting, and soft football


We included a ball with a bell, one with beads inside, one filled with liquid and another electric ball which makes a ‘boiiiiing’ noise when bounced or struck.


As well as the obvious differences in colour, we also have one ball which lights up if shaken or bounced, and the liquid-filled ball has a kind of confetti inside as well. There is also the reflective quality of the metal bell.
T also enjoyed playing with this tuff tray, and practised her aim by trying to get one ball to bounce off another! She also experimented with trying to get the “boiiiing ball” to make its noise using another ball, and discovered that a heavy ball needed to roll in to it.

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