My KonMari Challenge: February Update

We’ve really been feeling the benefits of decluttering over the past year, and this month, I’ve been continuing to declutter using the KonMari method. I’m determined to complete our decluttering this year! Here’s what I’ve done in February…


We did a massive sort of our paperwork last year when I reached the ‘papers’ phase of the KonMari method. At the time, we worked out what we needed to keep, sorted it into a small filing cabinet, and got rid of the rest. We also started to use two files to keep the paperwork that needs shredding, and that which needs filing, so that in theory everything has somewhere to go in between filing sessions.

This time around, we sorted through those files (which had been ignored for far too long!) and also sorted through another box of random papers, many of which belonged to my husband from >10 years ago! Thankfully we were able to chuck a lot of it. I’m just glad I don’t have to see that box anymore! In it we found the booking confirmation for his hazard perception test, some payslips from his first job, and a twenty-year-old rosette belonging to his brother! We also found the notebook he wrote his speech for our wedding in – we kept that!
There are a couple of subsections of the papers category which still need sorting, but it’s just wrapping paper and greeting cards, so much less taxing (no pun intended) than proper paperwork!
Now that I have (mostly) completed the papers category, I can continue with ‘Komono’ – or the miscellaneous items, which is the fourth category in the KonMari method.


J & I love board games and have amassed quite a collection! I decided to sort through them as I thought I might make some space. In the end, I actually got rid of very few – games are joy sparkers! However I did get rid of quite a number of mini games and puzzles (you know – stocking filler kind of things), most of which we’ve never used. I also came across a number of items belonging to J, including some PC games, a PSP and games, and a war documentary (or in his words, his life before he met me!). He sorted through them and got rid of some! T also decided to get rid of a Snakes and Ladders/Ludo game we gave her a couple of years ago. In her words, “It’s quite boring and I don’t really like playing it”. Fair enough!


Sorting out T’s craft drawer has been on my list for quite a while now! I last did a proper sort through two years ago and to be honest I’m surprised it lasted that long! It just became full to the point of overflowing and was a nightmare to use. I’ve sorted through it now but it definitely still needs some work. I got rid of a number of craft kits which we hadn’t used – while there are some lovely things, I usually try to do more open-ended things with T (‘process art’ which focuses on the process rather than the outcome). I also find craft kits often have some fairly complex skills involved which means I end up having to make whatever’s inside! I think part of the problem with the craft drawer is that I’ve also used it to house a number of ‘loose parts’ which aren’t really anything to do with craft – we use them for play. It’s just a handy space! However I think I might need to find somewhere else for those items and give this drawer over to craft stuff!

The Cupboard of Doom

Do you remember that cupboard of Monica’s from Friends? The one where she kept all the junk that didn’t belong. Ok, well my cupboard isn’t this bad. I did break a KonMari rule here – you aren’t supposed to declutter by area, only by category, which is mostly a good rule I think. But this cupboard just needed sorting! I put a little shelving rack in there which now holds a basket for all our shopping bags, and various miscellaneous (but necessary) items. I also keep large cleaning items (broom/mop/vacuum cleaner) in the cupboard too. I’m planning to relocate all the cleaning stuff in there at some point to free up some space under our sink.

March Goals

I’ll be continuing with Komon for the next few months. My aims for this month are:
– wrapping paper
– video games
– revisit kitchen utensils
– revisit cables (I don’t think I’ll get rid of any more but they do need to be organised within their box!)
– cleaning supplies
– office and stationary items
I also need to sort through and categorise some of the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated in our office – there’s a fair few non-office items! There are a number of things in there which we have discarded but which we haven’t actually disposed of yet – these need to go to charity I think, mostly. Hopefully I can get that sorted and I’ll have nicer space in which to blog!

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