Bread Making with Playdough

I love finding different ways for T to play with playdough. Playdough is so much fun; great for keeping kids entertained; and helps improve fine motor skills by strengthening hand muscles. While the usual play dough cutters and tools are fun, I really like to incorporate different elements in to our dough play, such as toy animals; natural found objects; cupcake cases; or herbs and spices. This not only keeps it interesting, but it inspires T’s creativity and is really open ended.

A while ago now, I made a batch of plain playdough and put out some mixed seeds for T to do some bread making. A super simple set-up!
I challenged her to make different styles of bread, and gave some examples such as a simple three stranded plait and a cottage loaf.
What she is learning:
– to listen, understand and follow complex instructions
– to observe in detail and imitate
– to persevere
To give an even more realistic bread making experience, you could ask your child to help measure and mix the playdough ingredients!

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