From the Bookshelf: Tidy, by Emily Gravett

It’s been a while since I did a book review, and I have a GREAT one for you today! I’ve said before that we often visit the library together, and this is a library book which we just keep renewing because it’s such a great read! We do just need to buy it.

The book is about a badger called Pete who takes keeping the forest tidy to extremes. So focused is Pete on ‘tidying up’ that he fails to see the bigger picture and starts down a path of destruction! It has beautiful – and often very comical – illustrations, which give a lot of scope for discussing what is going on in the book. This is the kind of book which you could read in three minutes, but could easily spend fifteen minutes going through it a bit more slowly and talking about what’s going on! The book is a great starting point for thinking about how we look after our natural spaces and also for talking about the impact of deforestation on the environment.

The story uses really rich language which I love to read. Words which children might otherwise not hear very often (“he scoured and he scrubbed”; “it rumbled and churned”) are put in to context and they start to absorb them.

The story has really captured T’s imagination. We recently walked past a concrete mixer and had to have a little peek inside just to check Pete wasn’t having a snooze inside!

I don’t want to say too much and spoil the story. So let me just say this. GO AND BUY THIS BOOK! Take it from me, it’s such a good one, you’ll all love it. And when we read and reread our kids books so many times, I always think it’s worthwhile finding ones which we enjoy reading too, right?!

Disclaimer: this post includes an affiliate link. If you choose to buy the book through this link, I receive a few pennies in return. This doesn’t cost you any more. 

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