Salt Dough Easter Decorations – with FREE printable!

Easter is nearly here – get ready for some Easter celebrations by making your very own salt dough Easter decorations!

Salt dough is SO simple to make, using just three basic ingredients: flour, salt and water. It is great for model making with young children as it is really malleable and easy to work with – great for little fingers who can find clay a bit tough for work with! It is soft and squidgy (like playdough), but dries nice and hard once it’s finished with!
T really enjoyed squishing and kneading the dough. This is almost two activities in one, as you can use the salt dough just like play dough to begin with – it’s only before baking that you need to make the eggs! Once we had rolled out the dough, we began our production line and cut out the eggs!
Once baked and cooled, we painted our eggs. We used acrylic paint this time. We have used poster paint on salt dough before, which I found flaked off in time. However, I have suspicion that a poster paint/PVA mix might work just as well as acrylics! I need to experiment!

What she is learning:

Maths: measuring when making the dough, creating patterns
Fine motor: kneading, squishing, rolling, using a paintbrush and other mark making tools
Creativity: designing patterns, choosing colours

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