My KonMari challenge: March Update

Firstly, Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely day however you tend to spend it. We will be having a family breakfast – where we will be observing my family’s tradition of having Easter egg in our cereal – before heading off to celebrate with our church, and then having a quiet afternoon at home.
As you know, I’ve been continuing to declutter using the KonMari method this year, and last month I set myself the following goals:
  • wrapping paper
  • video games
  • revisit kitchen utensils
  • revisit cables
  • cleaning supplies
  • office and stationary items

Here’s how I got on.

Wrapping Paper

If you’d have asked me the current state of my wrapping paper (you always ask people that, right?) I would have told you that it’s got a little disorganised of late but for the most part, it’s stored in one of two bags: Christmas paper and ‘other’ paper. With that in mind, here’s a picture of what I pulled out from the side of the washing machine (which is where I keep it):

Quite a lot of odd ends all scrunched up! This was a very quick category, thankfully – I discarded anything no longer fit for purpose, and split the rest between the two bags – Christmas and ‘other’. 

Video games

I haven’t managed to do this this month, For the most part this will be my husband’s category – but I’m also delaying trying to make a decision about whether we keep our Nintendo Wii!

Kitchen Utensils

I had another look through my utensils and what I discovered was that, in terms of discarding, I actually did a pretty good job first time around. I did get rid of a few things, and decided to see if we could do without our utensil jar, so that our surfaces were less cluttered. Initially, I found it really difficult to find the best way of making our utensil drawer look uncluttered, even having done two rounds of discarding!

However, I think I have almost found the solution! We have a few utensils hanging inside a cupboard, and the rest in the drawer. Much more joy sparking! We rent our home, so the hooks are held in place with sticky fixers. That is, they were…until 3am last Friday morning, when we were awoken by the sound of the hooks and utensils crashing to the floor of the cupboard, and both leapt out of bed convinced we were being burgled! So now the hunt is on for something non-permanent which will hold our hooks in place! Any ideas?!


I didn’t expect to get rid of any cables since I’d already been through them, but we realised there were one or two we really didn’t need. The rest have been neatly stored so they will be much easier to locate if we need them!

Cleaning supplies

I have a cleaning caddy which stores most of my cleaning items, but we also have a box which we use to house binbags, washing up sponges, cloths and various other miscellaneous items! I’ve chucked out a few things that I don’t use, and rearranged the items so that the things I use most regularly are all together. Need to find a better way of storing the things in the box though!

Office and Stationary Items

All my ‘office’ type supplies are stored in a bureau which belonged to my Great Aunt. They had got in a bit of a muddle so I got everything out. There was a lot!
There wasn’t that much I wanted to get rid of but I was able to have a good sort through, some items were relocated to a more suitable location, and the rest was rearranged more neatly in the bureau!


I’ve mentioned before that I’ve struggled to find the best way to get rid of discards. It’s hard to part with them when you know that they might sell – but selling them takes so much time and energy. Many of our discards have been put to one side while we decided how best to get rid of them – so I’ve had a bit of a sort through, and decided that once I’m almost done KonMari-ing, I’ll do a car boot with anything that might sell, and then take anything left straight to a charity shop. Brilliant as eBay or local Facebook selling groups are, they just take too much time and energy. The discards had been getting increasingly disorganised, so I’ve had a good sort through and removed anything which I think has no chance of selling!

April Goals

It’s helpful to set goals on here, as it keeps me accountable! I may not get a lot of decluttering done this month, as we are planning to paint our spare room. However, I would like to:
1. Sort through my make up drawer
I actually have very little make up; the drawer is mostly full of old bottles of mousse and moisturiser. I imagine there will be quite a lot to get rid of, and then it will be a matter of figuring out the best way to organise it!
2. Give our linen cupboard a bit of a tidy up.
I decluttered it last year, so it really is just a matter of working out the best way of organising the items inside, and checking there isn’t anything which might be better stored elsewhere.
3. Sort through our video games.
Since I didn’t get to it last month, I should probably do it this time! 
I am now well into the ‘komono’ (miscellaneous) phase of decluttering, and once those three things are done, I think the next step will be to pull out all the stuff from the shelves under our stairs. To give you an idea of what this means: we don’t have a loft or a garage; this is all that stuff. It’s all got really cluttered and disorganised so I’m going to need a few clear hours to pull it out, categorise it, joy-check the items, and then put it all back/find somewhere else for things while we figure out how best to store them. But I think this will probably be a job for May!
So, lots to do! Check back next month to see how I’ve got on!

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