Baby Play: Banging Tuff Spot

I’ve noticed recently that one of A’s favourite pastimes is to bang and to hit objects. For Christmas, T gave him a small xylophone and there is no doubt that it is one of his absolute favourite toys! In particular, he loves the beater, and can often be found crawling around the house armed with his beater, seeing what he can beat!
He has recently learned to clap and is using this new-found skill to make even more noise, often experimenting with objects and seeing what sound they make when he claps them together.
I thought I’d make the most of this interest by making him a banging tuff spot!

I gathered a few items together to put in to the tuff spot. These included:
  • a saucepan
  • a wooden bowl
  • a bell
  • his xylophone
  • a wooden spoon
  • a plastic beater
  • a metal nutcracker
  • a wooden doorstop
  • a wooden peg
  • two tambourines
He and his sister had lots of fun making lots of noise! A enjoyed exploring the different textures and sounds of the items in the tray.
The bell was one of my favourite items. I picked it up from Tiger a while ago to use for role play, but it was a lovely addition to this tray! It was great to sit back and observe as he figured out how to operate it to make a sound!
It was a great activity for T as well, as she experimented with rhythm, beat, timbre and dynamics.

What he is learning:

  • Having a sense of exploration
  • Creating sounds
  • Physical skills – picking up and manoeuvring objects
  • Learning about cause and effect, and repeating actions that have an effect

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