My KonMari Challenge: April Update

This month has flown by and I feel like it was only last week that I was writing my March update! It has been a really busy month for us and we’ve had lots going on, but I have managed to continue with the KonMari process and do a few small decluttering jobs.
This month I had three categories that I wanted to declutter:
  • make up and hair products
  • our linen cupboard
  • video games
I also mentioned in my previous update that we were planning on redecorating our spare room so that we could put the kids in together, so we’ve been busy doing that!

Make up

an open make up drawer, everything is muddled inside and it isn't easy to see what is in there.
Before – such a muddle!
I don’t wear a lot of makeup so thankfully this wasn’t a huge category to sort through and only took a short while. I keep my hair and make up products in a small drawer, and although it wasn’t stuffed full, it had become quite cluttered and disorganised. I removed everything form the drawer, gave it a clean, and then had a good look through to see what I wanted to keep. Once I’d decided what to keep, I got rid of the rest and then put the ‘keepers’ back in the drawer. To help prevent it from becoming messy again, I use a shoebox lid as a drawer divider (classic KonMari storage tip!), and stored items so that those used most regularly were closest to the front.
After photo. There is a shoebox lid to the left with some ismaller items arranged neatly. To the right is a jar of brushes and some hairbrushes. At the back are medium sized bottles and jars.

Linen cupboard

I did go through the linen cupboard last year, and it has been much better since then. However, recently it has become somewhat untidy again, so I wanted to find a better way of storing the items inside. The first thing I did was to get rid of the toys which were hiding behind the linen! T had several toys which were never played with but which she would definitely want to keep were she asked – so we hid them. She hasn’t noticed, so they’ve now gone from the linen cupboard and joined the rest of the items which will be on their way to a car boot sale in the coming months! (I know this sounds mean. But she literally never plays with them and wouldn’t have, even if she kept them!)
I had one box in the cupboard which I used to store tea towels, hand towels, and other miscellaneous small items such as napkins, oven gloves and tablecloths. Because the tea towels and hand towels are going in and out so regularly, the box had become really untidy, and it was difficult to find things as a result. I separated the tea towels and hand towels and put them in their own container, and then have kept the other miscellaneous small items together.
We keep each set of bedding stored inside one of it’s pillowcases to help keep everything together, and I’ve started keeping all the bedding in an IKEA bag. However, it was up quite high and everything would get crumpled whenever I tried to bring it down – so I’ve moved that lower for easier access.
We keep a laundry basket on top of our washing machine and I was hoping this could be moved up on to one of the shelves but there isn’t quite room for it at the moment. The cupboard is tidy again, but I suspect I may revisit it in the coming months to see if I can re-jig things a bit and get that laundry basket on to a shelf!
Before and after!

Video games

Another month has gone by and we haven’t done video games! This will have to be a target for May. It WILL get done in May!

Spare bedroom

This has taken a lot of our time this month. There was lots to do in the spare room, as we had a lot of children’s clothes in there waiting to be put in to storage bags, and many of the discards from our decluttering were being kept in there ready for the car boot sale. We’ve got the children clothes sorted and moved some of the furniture out of the room; all the car boot sale items are now in my office (it’s very cosy in here currently!); and the room has been decorated and given a thorough clean. In the next few weeks we’ll move T’s chest of drawers and bookcase in, put up some pictures and get them settled in to their new room!

May Goals

  • Video games! I have to do video games this month!
  • Under the stairs. I mentioned last month that our ‘under the stairs’ shelves are essentially the equivalent of our loft or garage. It’s going to be a big job, but I need to pull everything out, categorise it, choose what to keep, and then fit it back in! I think categorising will be a job for one day, but I suspect the actual discarding part of the process and working out how best to fit it back in could take a little while longer!

I am finding the KonMari process so helpful – if you are trying to declutter I’d really recommend it. I think the key things I have taken away so far are, firstly, to declutter by category rather than location. It makes so much more sense to do it by category as you can do all similar items in one go and really get a feel for what you have! It seems so simple but not something which I had really tried before. The other thing is the mindset – choosing what to keep rather than what to get rid of. Again, a simple thing, but having that mindset is so helpful. For example, previously I might have come across something and thought, ‘No, that’s a useful item, and it’s perfectly good – why would I get rid of that?’. With this mindset, I am more likely to think ‘This is useful, and there’s nothing wrong with it – but actually I have something else similar, and I prefer that one. I don’t need this item any more.’ It’s enabled me to get rid of so many things which I might have previously held on to but without any really good reason.


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