Review: Shark Powered Lift-Away with True Pet

For the past three years, we have been making do with a vacuum cleaner that was really on it’s last legs. I was recently hoovering upstairs, and realised that although the vacuum was making all the right ‘vroomy’ noises, it wasn’t actually picking anything up from the floor – not even a stray pillow feather!
Now, it has to be said that our vacuum hasn’t always had the workout it might have had. However, recently I’ve upped my game and I’ve been using The Organised Mum method to keep our home clean and tidy, so perhaps our old vacuum cleaner just didn’t have the stamina to keep up with such regular vacuuming!¬†Thankfully, Shark came to our rescue and sent us one of their Powered Lift-Away Upright vacuums to review, and our old vacuum has gone to vacuum cleaner heaven (the tip).

What’s in the box?

The Shark Powered Lift-Away is an upright vacuum cleaner. It has a bagless dustcup, and a detachable pod meaning that your vacuum can be converted into a portable vacuum at the touch of a button. It comes with an upholstery attachment, and also a crevice tool which has a brush which can slide forward or back as desired – great for dusting! The Shark comes with an instruction manual and a quick start guide.

Things I Love

One of the fantastic things about the Shark Powered Lift-Away’s design is that it can take so many different forms. It can be used as a standard upright vacuum cleaner. You can remove the top of the handle to use with the attachments for cleaning upholstery or little corners. You can remove the entire handle, to give you a long wand which can reach down behind furniture, under the sofa, or up to the ceiling. You can also remove the pod from the body of the vacuum, meaning the it is able to reach under some of the furniture, or alternatively you can use the pod along with the handle for easier cleaning in areas such as the stairs. It is so versatile!
I find it so helpful having a vacuum cleaner which is so adaptable. Although it might sound complicated, it’s actually very easy to detach and reattach and can all be done at the click of a button! It’s really user-friendly. I love being able to just use the pod and the handle on the stairs – it makes it really simple to just whizz up and down and the pod is slim enough that it can sit on one of the stairs without a problem. It’s also great that you can remove the pod to use the main head of the Shark under furniture – although I have to say the space under a lot of our furniture isn’t quite high enough! It does fit under our armchair really nicely though, so if you furniture is slightly higher off the ground this would be a really great feature.

Some of my other favourite features:

  • The Shark has a 8 metre cord meaning I am able to vacuum the whole of the upstairs without needing to constantly plug and unplug the vacuum!
  • It also has headlights, which at first I thought were a bit of a novelty but actually do highlight anything smaller that you might otherwise not have noticed
  • It has two settings which enable to it to vacuum effectively on both carpets and hard flooring, and I’ve found it effective on both.
  • You can also vary the suction level depending on your preference – I mostly have it on maximum suction!
  • It is really easy to empty the dust cup – just detach from the vacuum and empty in to the bin. Like any bagless vacuum cleaners, this can cause a bit of a dust cloud, but if you lower it in to the bin before you open the cup, this isn’t a problem.
  • The Shark Powered Lift-Away can be bought with or without the True Pet attachment. Although we don’t have pets, I often use this attachment on our stairs and it picks up dust and hair very well.

Areas for Improvement

  • Lets get the biggest one out of the way first. After one month, my vacuum overheated and ceased working. WAIT! Don’t go. It has a happy ending. The Shark Powered Lift-Away has a 5 year guarantee and when I rung them, Shark were extremely helpful. They had no problem in collecting the original and sending a replacement, and this had been sorted within a few days. I’ve had the current model for two months now and it’s been great!
  • At 6.3kg, I do find the Lift-Away quite heavy. However, while you couldn’t call it a ‘lightweight’ vacuum cleaner, the fact that you can detach the pod and the handle when needed means that it can be converted in to a much lighter vacuum when necessary! As I’ve mentioned before, this is great for awkward areas such as the stairs.
  • I do sometimes think the handle could be a little more ergonomically designed – it’s not always the most comfortable to hold. I would also love if there was a space on the vacuum to keep the True Pet attachment – there are spaces for the upholstery and wand attachments but not for the True Pet. However, these are both tiny niggles, and certainly not deal breakers!

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! The Shark Powered Lift-Away is really easy to use. I love it’s versatility and it makes vacuuming really straight forward. We used it to clean the spare bedroom after decorating and it did a really good job. The edges of the carpet were quite dusty but the crevice tool did a brilliant job of getting these areas really clean. It has also been really reassuring to see their excellent customer service in action, and know that they guarantee the vacuum for the next five years.

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