Messy Play: Car Track Painting

A really quick post today to share an idea that we had a go at last week. I’m always on the lookout for simple messy play ideas and last week I wanted something super quick that I could set up ready for T when she came home from nursery. I cam across this car track painting idea via Pinterest ages and ages ago but have never got around to giving it a go – until now!

White paper is taped to the table. 4 car are on the paper along with an empty food carton with four colours of paint. There is a vase in the background and it is casting shadows on the paper.
I just love the shadows my flowers are casting on the paper!

T was really excited to find the set up ready and waiting for her when she got home and we didn’t even get as far as taking her shoes off before she was getting started! I used an empty food carton to hold the paint to give her more room to dip the car wheels in.

She loved dipping the cars in the paint and having a go at making tracks on the page.

I had thought she’d enjoy all the bright colours, but she actually favoured the black paint because it made bolder prints on the page. While she only used the coloured paints once each, she kept returning to the black paint to load up the wheels with more paint.

As usual, once T had had enough of car track painting, she moved on to finger painting and then painting her hands all over. I think she loves the sensation of squishing and rubbing paint all over her hands! This gave her an opportunity to explore colour mixing as she mixed the paints together.

What she is learning:

  • Colour mixing
  • Experiment with print-making
  • Using different materials to make marks
  • Creative thinking
  • Sensory exploration

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  1. I put cars out for painting with at the old toddlers group as I discovered boys who never came near the craft table enjoyed using cars for painting with.

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