Outdoor Noughts and Crosses

If you read my blog or follow me on social media you might know that getting outside is a big part of our day to day lives. At the moment, we tend to spend the morning outside. Our current morning routine is to have breakfast, do a couple of quick activities together, and then get ready to head out. It all depends on the particular morning whether that means we are leaving the house at half past eight or whether it’s more like ten! Most days we are managing to get at least a couple of hours outside. Even with all the benefits that holds for the kids put to one side, it’s worth it just for the effect of my mood and state of mind!

Here’s a quick activity we did while out for a walk late last summer. T is always very keen to collect any natural objects of interest. In fact, in order to avoid the usual scenario of the pram basket full of leaves and rocks, we gave her a collecting basket for Christmas! This has now become rock storage, which she hauls around every time we go out for a walk, and inevitably, ends up putting in the pram basket.

Four sticks are arranged on grass to create a 3x3 grid for noughts and crosses. In the grid are acorns and rocks. Three acorns create a row across the top of the grid.

Anyway, we decided to put some of our treasures to good use! We collected some acorns, stones, and four reasonably straight sticks, and used them to play a few games of noughts and crosses. It was a lovely way to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine we were having, and also a chance for T to practise her logic skills!

After we were done, we left the game set out ready for someone else to discover and play. I wonder if anyone found it?! I hope so!

The sticks are arranged in a grid on a wooden bench. To either side are a pile of acorns and a pile of rocks, ready for a new game of noughts and crosses.

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image of noughts and crosses set out on bench with title of post overlaid

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