11 Brilliant Garden Themed Books for Kids

As it’s National Allotment Week, I thought I’d share some of my favourite garden themed books for kids this week! I’ve got some fiction (though perhaps this should be called ‘stories’ as several of them are factual) and some non-fiction, as well as some delightful poetry!

NB: This post does include affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission on any books you purchase at no extra cost to you.


Yucky Worms – Vivian French

This is a lovely books which reads as a story but includes lots of facts about worms in a really accessible way. Did you know worms have bristles, or five pairs of hearts, for example? Or how to identify an adult worm?

Age range: 2-7

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt – Kate Messner

Kate Messner has created a lovely series of books including this one. It follows the story of a garden over a year, noting the changes in seasons, what is happening ‘up in the garden’ as well as what it going on ‘down in the dirt’. It’s an American book, so there were a few unfamiliar creatures or alternative names for us, but it’s a lovely book, nevertheless!

Age range: 4-10

And Then It’s Spring

This is a lovely book for helping children to understand the waiting that gardening entails! The illustrations are also great for demonstrating how, while nothing may be appearing to happen, lots might be going on under the soil.

Age range: 3-7

Alfie Outdoors – Shirley Hughes

My daughter first discovered the Alfie stories in our doctors waiting room. They just had one, and she loved to read it every time we went! Since then, we’ve bought one or two of our own, and she also loves to have a dig for them at the library! They are lovely stories with beautiful illustrations – well worth a read.

Age range: 2-7

Oliver’s Vegetables

This might be a useful book if you have a fussy eater! Oliver will eat only chips. Grandpa says he can have chips, if he finds the potatoes – but if he finds something else, he has to eat it, with no complaints. Over the week Oliver tries carrots, spinach, beetroot, peas, rhubarb and cabbage, and loves them all! But will he get his chips?

Age range: 2-7

We Are The Gardeners – Joanna Gaines

This is a really lovely story about a family on a journey to becoming gardeners together! It shares the joy they find in their garden, as well as the challenges they work to overcome.

Age range: 4-10


A Beetle is Shy – Diana Hutts-Aston

This is another one from a series, and it explores the characteristics of different beetles, paired with some truly incredible illustrations! We are gradually building up our collection of this series – unfortunately we’ve never seen any of them at the library!

Age range: 4-10

Bug Hotel – Clover Robin

This is the perfect book to read if you’re thinking of making a bug hotel, but it’s still great even if you’re not! It looks as several different creatures and shares the characteristics of their ideal habitat and the reasons for that.

Age range: 3-10

The Little Book of Garden Birds

This is a recent addition to our bookshelf and we are all really enjoying it! The book provides illustrations of twelve common garden birds, and includes buttons so you can hear their bird song. It belongs to A, who adores the buttons! But it’s also great to being to recognise some of the different calls of birds we might see around the garden – I’m sure we’ll all be experts in no time! No age range for this one – babies will love listening to the sounds, but it’s a great book to read for anyone who’d like to learn more about garden birds!


The Flower Fairies – Cicily Mary Barker

I couldn’t write a list of nature books without including The Flower Fairies. I think they rank among my top books of all time. The books were originally published during the first half of the twentieth century. Each poem is dedicated to a specific plant, flower or tree, and each has it’s own fairy. The illustrations are beautiful, with each fairy being adorned in clothes to match it’s flower (not a sparkle in sight – this pleases me!), and, refreshingly, some of the fairies are boys! The poems are short, usually around eight lines long, but tell you a little about the plant or flower in question. These poems truly delight my heart. They’re the perfect combination of fact and fantasy! Here’s another one with no age recommendation – they’re suitable for anyone.

A First Book of Nature – Nicola Davies

If you’ve not yet discovered Nicola Davies, you’re in for a real treat! My First Book of Nature is a lovely poetry book, arranged by season. You’ll find poems about bulbs, catkins and nesting in Spring; honey, rock pooling and growing in Summer; leaves, acorns and fungi in Autumn; and snow, deer and stars in the Winter months. Each poem is surrounded by a large, intricate illustration. It’s just beautiful to read. Again, no age recommendation – the poems are lovely and suitable for anyone who will listen!

I hope you found this list helpful! If you have any other suggestions of books you or your children have particularly loved, I would love to hear them! In the meantime, why not check out my other book recommendations?

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