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  • Mini DIY: IKEA BEKVÄM stool

    Image of stool with title 'Mini DIY: IKEA BEKVÄM'. Web address is included pearsandchocolatesauce.co.uk

    A number of months ago we bought a BEKVÄM stool from IKEA. Hands up, who else has one? They’re everywhere! I love it, I’m only 5’4 so it means I can reach the top cupboards without climbing on the counters; its sturdy enough to be a useful stool for T to use for helping cook/washing […]

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  • A tidy craft drawer!

    In our kitchen we have a very deep drawer which has become the arts and crafts drawer. I’ve gradually been building up our arts and crafts supplies and, as this drawer is used on an almost daily basis, it had become a complete state! I actually dreaded opening it. So yesterday we took a trip […]

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  • One a penny, two a penny…

    …Hot Cross Buns! Well I said I’d throw in the occasional food related post and it didn’t take long! Last Easter my lovely friend Rach and I decided to have a go at making Hot Cross Buns – and yesterday evening we actually got around to it! This is the first time either of us have made […]