Simple CVC Word Building

Learning to read is an exciting adventure and sharing in that adventure with the children I taught was one of my favourite parts of the job! Unsurprisingly, I’ve found teaching my daughter to read even more rewarding, and I thought I’d share this simple CVC word building activity which you can do with your child […]

Letter Match Game

The case for lowercase Resources for teaching children letters are often based on the uppercase alphabet. Magnetic letters are quite often uppercase, for example, and in many workbooks on sale, capitals are used. You can see why – capitals are easier to form. Over half of them are made of only straight lines, in comparison […]

Muffin Tin Reading Game

Practising reading with your children can be a tricky one. Some children are naturally quite keen, while others might take a bit more persuading. Regardless of how keen your child is, one thing comes pretty much guaranteed: if it feels like work, they won’t want to do it! So, it’s in everyone’s interests if reading […]