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  • Baby Play: Banging Tuff Spot

    I’ve noticed recently that one of A’s favourite pastimes is to bang and to hit objects. For Christmas, T gave him a small xylophone and there is no doubt that it is one of his absolute favourite toys! In particular, he loves the beater, and can often be found crawling around the house armed with […]

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  • Make Your Own Music Maker!

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    Have some fun exploring how to create and change sounds with this fun music maker craft! You will need: * Two small containers (we used empty baked bean cans) * Two balloons * Dried food such as corn, rice or pasta * Scissors * Sticky tape Any guesses what we're making today? A post shared […]

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  • Top Toys for 3-7’s this Christmas

    It’s so easy to get stuck trying to think of ideas for your children at Christmas. While enjoyment is obviously the key thing I’m looking for when finding gifts for T, I do have a few other criteria… Longevity. Most of the toys T has received since her first birthday are things that will last. […]