Brilliant Books: My Body Book by Mick Manning and Brita Granström

Cover image. Show a face, split down the centre, half skeleton.

Front cover displaying title: 'My Body Book'.

The human body – a weird and wonderful thing! Recently T has become very interested in her body and how it works. We’ve been doing a few related activities but I wanted to find a couple of books from the library which would enable me to discuss a bit more with her. There are quite a few nice information style books in our children’s library, which make a nice change from fiction.

We found a couple this time around, and T has particularly enjoyed this one which has flaps to enable you to see inside! It covers quite a number of topics, including the brain, the digestive system, the heart, the lungs, bones, muscles and the senses.

Side profile of a child's head, with labels naming body parts.

It is aimed at slightly older children, but T enjoyed looking at the different parts of the body and I abridged some of the text for her. The authors have come up with some good, relatable ways of explaining how the parts of the body work – for example, describing the brain as being ‘bossy’. T loved this idea and it really made her laugh!

Side profile of the head again, but this time the flap is lifted to show the parts of the body inside the head.

Being able to look at a book together was really helpful as she could see for herself much more of what I was talking about. We are now frequently regaled with a detailed description of exactly what is happening to her food once it is swallowed…no longer just “in my tummy”! Time for some discussion about appropriate table talk I think.

Illustration of digestive system

I would really recommend this book. It is most suitable for 5-7’s but it can certainly be enjoyed from around two and a half onwards. You can read more of my book reviews here. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ah this looks like a fab book! My little one is much younger but loves pointing to her nose at the moment…great way to learn together xx #triballove

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