Brilliant Books: Bears in the Night

Hands up if you read this book as a child! My husband and I came across it at a jumble sale and we both had fond memories of enjoying it as kids, so we picked it up for T. A few months later we discovered another copy at my parents house! We really love this book in our family – it gets read time and again. Here are a few reasons why we love it:
1. It’s such a fun story to read! T loves that the bears’ mum doesn’t notice them escaping (spoiler alert!) and she LOVES when the bears all run scared from the monster* in the woods!
*There isn’t a monster. But I won’t spoil the ending for you. You’re welcome.
One of the bears is holding a lantern, looking afraid.
2. There is lots of repetition, which is great for young readers as it’s not long before they can ‘read’ it too! We like to pause when we read this story, so that T can fill in the gaps. Or we read it together, slightly slower than usual.
3. The book uses lots of positional and directional language, such as out, down, over, under, around, between, through and up. Learning to use everyday language to describe position is a requirement of the Early Years curriculum in the UK, so this book is great for developing vocabulary relating to that. The words are introduced one at a time, and then repeated along with previous words, so they hear them a lot – most of them are repeated three, four or five times in the book.
Image of bears going 'between the rocks' and 'through the woods'.
4. It is reaaaally quick to read. So those nights where you’ve promised one more story, but actually you’re just really tired and as much as you love snuggling up to read with your kids, you kinda just want them to go to sleep so you can go downstairs and have a glass of wine? On those nights, THIS is the book for you.
Image of tree with a two windows. In one, the bears can be seen, fast asleep. The other, Mummy Bear is knitting.
Look at her, knitting away as though nothing had ever happened.
Have I persuaded you that this is a good one for your children’s bookshelf? If so, you can pick it up here**!
** This is an affiliate link. All this means is that if you do choose to buy the book using my link, I get a few pennies in return!

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  1. Love this book and read it so many times to E and J

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