Brilliant Books: Usborne Listen and Learn First French Words

Recently we’ve been doing some France-themed play, and to support this, we got Usborne’s Listen and Learn First French Words from our local library.

Front cover of book

The book comes with four slot-in cards, all of which are double sided giving eight different vocabulary themes: transport, animals, food, clothes, the farm, my body, bedtime and at home. Each of the cards has sixteen different words to learn.

Image of the four word cards fanned out

The cards simply slot into the right hand side of the book, and once the ‘go’ button has been pushed to select the theme, you’re ready to begin! When each picture is pressed, the corresponding word is spoken. To change theme, you just slot in a new card and press the go button to change to the new theme.

Card placed in book

It’s been a real hit! T has really enjoyed hearing the words and trying to pronounce some of them. It’s great entertainment and something she can either do with me or on her own. She had a great time playing with it while I was cooking tea one night, calling out “Rabbit is le lapin! Elephant is l’éléphant!” to me from the living room.

This is such a great book as not only does it have lovely simple illustrations and the words written in both French and English, but the child can hear the words pronounced properly! If you like the look of it, you can get your own copy here.

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  1. We have this book too and my girls love it. It’s such a great way of helping them learn some French words 🙂 #triballove

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