Review: Little Lambs Bamboo Breast Pads

As you may know, last year, I gave birth to our second child. I am loving life with two but I couldn’t honestly say I relish the reoccurrence of all the less-than-glam sides of being a mum of a newborn. This morning, for example, I put on a shirt only to realise it had a patch of dried sick on the sleeve. (Yes I am still wearing it. I did wipe off the sick though.)
Another example for you – leaking milk. Such a delight! Without wanting to over share, I’ve had a bit of an over-supply issue this time around and sometimes it is literally like I have sprung a leak! So, breast pads are an absolute necessity and I found I needed to wear them every day and night for the first five months.
When I had T, I used disposable breast pads. I found them fairly comfortable most of the time, but I really didn’t like the amount of waste they created – they were all individually wrapped so they created a lot of waste. This time around I was keen to try using cloth breast pads, as not only are they better for the environment but I suspected that they would be more comfortable too!
Earlier this year, I wrote about our experience with Little Lambs cloth nappies, and also reviewed their cloth wipes. For the last few months, I have also been putting their bamboo breast pads to the test.

What’s in the box?

The pads arrived wrapped simply with a little ribbon. They come in two sizes – I was sent a pack of each size. Little Lambs recommend that the smaller size will be ok for most women, but I definitely find the bigger pads more comfortable and I’d say I’m on the smaller size in that department.


The pads are really soft and do a good job of keeping any dampness away from the breast. I was worried about them slipping as the disposable pads have a sticky back whereas these of course don’t, but I haven’t found that to be a problem.


I’ve found that one pair of breast pads last me a day, and I use a fresh pair at night. There have been occasions where I’ve had a really big leak and I’ve needed to change them sooner. In the early days when I had a bit of an oversupply issue I would occasionally soak through one at night, however this was a rare occurrence. They are easy to wash – they just go in with the rest of your washing. They do take around twenty four hours to dry, so I would definitely recommend buying two sets.


A pack of 5 pairs of breast pads will set you back £12. A box of 60 disposables cost around £6, and I reckon you’d be looking at buying a minimum of four boxes, so the comparative cost is fairly similar.

Would I recommend them?

I would definitely use these again. In terms of comfort and dryness I find these and the disposable pads are about on the same level. However I really like the fact that I’m not creating so much waste, and they’re super easy as they can just go in the machine with whatever else I am washing. Easy! But don’t just take my word for it – I asked a couple of my mum friends what they thought:
“With my first baby I wore disposable breast pads but found they really irritated my skin. We were already using Little Lamb nappies so I thought for baby number two I’d give the breast pads a go. They are great. Surprisingly absorbent. I got the larger size and wouldn’t want them to be any smaller. I still use disposables at night as I tend to leak more overnight, but I find I don’t need to replace them during the day.”
“I used disposables with my first baby as I didn’t know anything else existed! I started using them again with my second until Little Lambs were recommended to me. They are so much nicer to wear; they are soft and absorbent and don’t irritate like I found disposables did. They do require more adjusting after a feed to avoid them slipping down – perhaps I would try the larger size next time to help avoid this. I found disposables would slip down far more regularly though, so Little Lambs still come out on top for me.”
If you have a little one on the way, or you’re currently breastfeeding, I’d really recommend getting a couple of sets – you can buy them direct from the Little Lambs website.

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