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Pears and Chocolate Sauce started in 2016 and was borne out of the desire to have a creative outlet where I could share my love for play-based learning.

I’m a teacher by profession and it was while I was teaching that I discovered my passion for all things play. I firmly believe that play is the best way for children to learn, as well as being essential for their wellbeing. I’ve written more about this in my article The Power of Play.

I can often be found spending free evenings reading about play and anything associated, and the more I learn the more convicted I become that it’s the most natural way for children to learn!

I have two young children (soon to be three), so I’m currently having a break from teaching while I stay at home with them. I’ve home educated my eldest for the last year, which has been both a delightful privilege and an exhausting challenge. It’s also been a good chance to put play under the microscope!

I love spending time outdoors with my children, which I largely attribute to growing up in Hastings and spending much of my free time between the garden or on dogs walks in the Country Park. It’s also where I developed my love for the sea – you can’t beat a good sea breeze for clearing the head! I think the outdoors is an incredible natural play space with boundless learning opportunities.

When I’m not busy playing, I love to make things (though my ambition frequently outweighs my skill level), watch a good film with a glass of wine, and dream about moving to the French countryside.

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