Should We Use Food for Play?

I love giving my kids the opportunity to explore messy and sensory play, and one resource, which is easy to get and relatively cheap to buy, is food. There are number of foods which we use on a semi-regular basis, such as oats, lentils, rice, flour, and cornflour. However, I’m aware that some people consider […]

Letter Match Game

The case for lowercase Resources for teaching children letters are often based on the uppercase alphabet. Magnetic letters are quite often uppercase, for example, and in many workbooks on sale, capitals are used. You can see why – capitals are easier to form. Over half of them are made of only straight lines, in comparison […]

Make A Playdough Beetle

Playdough is one of my favourite go-to activities! My kids love some time with playdough – its calming, fun, and can be used for almost any area of learning. Here’s one of the activities we did with our playdough last autumn. Minibeasts T had been learning about mini beasts at home. On our way home […]