Firework Fun!

Firework night. Possibly one of my favourite nights of the year! When I was a child we always used to have a bonfire in the garden and let off some fireworks. We’d have hot cups of soup or hotdogs. I used to love seeing all the different fireworks, always loved the sounds, sights and smells […]

A tidy craft drawer!

In our kitchen we have a very deep drawer which has become the arts and crafts drawer. I’ve gradually been building up our arts and crafts supplies and, as this drawer is used on an almost daily basis, it had become a complete state! I actually dreaded opening it. So yesterday we took a trip […]

Easter fun!

We’ve been carrying on with our themed weeks of play, and this week – you guessed it – the theme was Easter! We began by making these lovely Easter Egg sun catchers I spotted on Emma’s Kids Craft Room. Foolproof, I thought! Ah, not so. Add in one slightly grumpy toddler who becomes ENRAGED any […]